Discover Your Path Front CoverLuke Sheedy can help change your mindset, your relationships and your life.

Luke is a qualified counsellor and success coach. He is also an award-winning business owner, entrepreneur, naturally gifted life advisor, motivator and author. He provides guidance and encouragement to people throughout Australia and internationally and has changed the lives of thousands of people.

He is the go-to expert on health and well-being, inner fulfilment, happiness, self-development and motivation. He regularly contributes to, and comments in the media on these topics. He is a regular contributor to many health, wellbeing and lifestyle publications.

His fields of expertise include:

  • Relationship counsellor and counselling consultant
  • Success coaching
  • Mentorship
  • Motivational speaker
  • Go-to expert on holistic health and wellbeing, counselling, motivation and self-development.

Relationship counsellor and counselling consultant: Luke provides professional guidance and support for people going through major life change experiences. People seek counselling for many reasons including: relationship changes or loss, couple/marriage issues or breakups, depression, career change (proactive or reactive). Luke is a qualified counsellor, extraordinary and empathetic listener with a positive outlook on life.

Success coaching. Luke will empower you with the skills, focus and accountability to achieve the results you want in the most important areas of your life. He has the skills and experience in motivation and self-development to give you the confidence for a true competitive edge. You will enter a success coaching partnership with Luke, and he will not only provide you with a ‘tool-box’ of strategies but will guide you all the way, so you can live the life you want.

Mentorship: As an entrepreneur and award-winning business owner who has been in business for over ten years, Luke knows how to diversify, adapt and market his business. He is positioned as a go-to expert in the media. Having built his business from the ground-up, Luke knows how difficult it can be for budding entrepreneurs and start-ups (like he himself was many years ago). Luke now provides mentorship and guidance to start-ups, business owners, managers and executives. He can take you and your business to a new level. Luke’s entrepreneurial journey has been featured in the newly released book, Successful Men in Business – International Edition by Mithra Publishing.

Luke Sheedy unlocks human potential to create change and empower lives. He will help you discover your true path in life, so you can live your dreams awake. Many years of experience in his award-winning integrated holistic health clinic have laid the foundations for his first book. His clinical practice has enlightened him - the mind, body and spirit are inter-connected and emotional issues, thought patterns, destructive behaviour and lack of self-belief can hold a person from reaching their full potential.

Successful Men in Business - International Edition

Luke is featured in the newly released book, Successful Men in Business - International Edition, by Mithra Publishing. The book is an inspiring, thought-provoking insight into the stories behind some of most successful business men in the world.

Many of the trail blazers profiled in this book are already household names. Others are rising stars whose names and stories will become text book examples of how to succeed in business. Through perseverance, determination and a refusal to accept second best, the businessmen showcased in this book have overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles to become an inspiration to countless entrepreneurs all over the world.

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