Dealing with Grief and Loss

At some stage in our lives we all experience loss, as it’s a natural part of the cycle of life. We all go through the grieving process in our own ways. There is no universal method for healing. Although the healing process may feel impossible, grief and loss counselling will enable you to honour what you’ve lost, while helping to relieve the pain and assist you to move forward.

Luke Sheedy offers counselling
in all different types of loss

  • Loss of your hopes and dreams at midlife
  • Loss of a loved one through death
  • Loss of health due to chronic illness
  • Loss of a relationship
  • Loss of a pet
  • Loss of reputation

Dealing with grief and loss is an incredibly complex and emotional journey. It is not some scientific problem that we solve quickly.

What I will do

I will provide comfort and a safe place for you to go through your unique healing process. By building a trusting and empathetic relationship with you, I will support and guide you through different healing methods. You will be empowered to release your emotions in a healthy way and become more at peace with your loss.

I will encourage you to let go, see your loss from a different perspective. To learn to be more comfortable and present throughout your day, while feeling more at peace in the present moment.

The number of sessions required will be unique to each individual, circumstances and will be determined by the sensitivity of the individual. Grief isn’t a linear process and is felt differently by everyone.

"Grief is like the ocean, it comes in waves, ebbing and flowing. It is calm and sometimes it is overwhelming. All we can do is learn to swim"

Vicki Harrison

Call today, feel better tomorrow.

Other Services


Guidance is offered to support that universal sense of feeling vulnerable in which we feel disempowered and at a loss to who we are, or what we’re here for.


Direction is provided to support those strong feelings of worry, dread, and fear that create exhaustion and interference from living our everyday lives. We need to be reassured and have a responsible approach to change and our futures.

Relationship Repair

Treatment is provided to teach couples effective communication skills, that are based on respect and understanding of each other. So a renewed commitment and appreciation for one another can occur.

Midlife Crisis

Support is focussed on individuals to help them discover their own intrinsic values, reclaim their originality and authentic nature, and start living life on their own terms again.

Stress Management

Direction is provided to help individuals cope and ease stress levels, while maintaining balance and perspective.

Self Esteem

Counselling is provided to support individuals who would like to develop a stronger sense of self. To grow in self awareness and be confident enough to be themselves.


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Separation Support

Counselling will be provided to support individuals through separation and divorce. Men and Women report a huge range of intense reactions and feelings during and after separation. I have walked this path myself and will be able to provide support, guidance and encouragement through this tough time.