From what I’ve learnt since being a professional Palm Reader since 2000, is the key to self discovery, is located in your hands. We hold an extraordinary power in our hands, the power to change, heal, and grow into our fullest potential. By focusing your intention and direct energy with your hands, you can deepen your self understanding and manifest positive change to create a happier, more satisfying life.

Professional, expert sessions.

It’s an enlightening experience to have a professional Palmistry session conducted by a reputable professional who is an expert in his field, who has also written a book on the topic.

Having a professional reading you will understand yourself more clearly and your reason for being. I will decode your palms and unlock the secrets to your full potential in relationships, career, health and your abilities and what hinders you from moving forward in your life if you feel stuck.

The Palmistry session takes an hour and I will answer all questions that you have about life. From love, marriage, children to health, career, talents and what is limiting you from moving forward. This is not fortune telling, this is Palmistry. Palmistry has come a long way since the gypsy fortune telling era of crossing palms with silver. The bigger the tip, the greater the fortune will be. Thousands of research papers have been published to bring this ancient art into the mainstream. Psychiatrists, psychologists, scientists and the medical profession have all been astounded and fascinated by the test results. Which have been investigated at the Galton laboratory in London and the university school of medicine in Atlanta.

In a Palmistry with me, nothing will be left to chance. You’ll be taking a positive approach and becoming responsible to understand your own unique character. By developing a stronger connection to your unique talents and skills, you can change your thoughts, feelings and behaviours that no longer serve you, to one’s that do. It’s only through learning and understanding ourselves do we recreate a more enriching life experience.

As in life and so with the lines and markings of your hand, nothing is fixed, things are forever changing and moving forward. Life and time waits for no one. What your about to learn through a Palmistry with me will enrich your life and give you a deeper understanding about yourself. Let me be a guiding light and all will be revealed as I interpret the maps of your hands.

"God caused signs or seals on the hands of all the sons of men, that the sons of men might know their works."


What people say about my
Palmistry sessions

"Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain."


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Other Services


Guidance is offered to support that universal sense of feeling vulnerable in which we feel disempowered and at a loss to who we are, or what we’re here for.

Relationship Repair

Treatment is provided to teach couples effective communication skills, that are based on respect and understanding of each other. So a renewed commitment and appreciation for one another can occur.

Grief and Loss

Guidance is provided to individuals to support and help them through the grieving process. Loss is experienced in many different ways, but transitioning through the stages of grief can be made easier, with the support of an empathetic and understanding counsellor.

Midlife Crisis

Support is focussed on individuals to help them discover their own intrinsic values, reclaim their originality and authentic nature, and start living life on their own terms again.

Stress Management

Direction is provided to help individuals cope and ease stress levels, while maintaining balance and perspective.

Self Esteem

Counselling is provided to support individuals who would like to develop a stronger sense of self. To grow in self awareness and be confident enough to be themselves.

Separation Support

Counselling will be provided to support individuals through separation and divorce. Men and Women report a huge range of intense reactions and feelings during and after separation. I have walked this path myself and will be able to provide support, guidance and encouragement through this tough time.