For many years we’ve believed and been told from doctors and the manipulative marketing companies that depression is a chemical imbalance of the serotonin levels in the brain. But this is only true for a small percentage of people with a set of genes. Thirty-seven percent of people will inherit these genes and they only become activated by their environment, circumstance, a stressful event or childhood drama. Depression is a universal sense of feeling vulnerable. We can feel disempowered and lose our sense of self and life purpose. That feeling of not being good enough, that nobody needs us, and being cut off from something that we need, but also have lost along the way.

Why is depression so widespread

We form a sense of identity from baby to adolescent and young adult, from the people who influence us in our early development. These include parents, primary care givers, religion, education, cultural demands and falling foul of advertising and clever marketing. This creates a split of our selves, our instincts, impulses and urges. We become diminished and become socialised to live and conform in society. We act accordingly to values, principles, beliefs which go against our true authentic nature and what’s important to us. By choosing to live and behave according to our relationship attachments with those we love, instead of being true to ourselves, we create confusion and conflict, with our emotional and psychological needs.

Signs that you’ve become
disenchanted with yourself and life

  • Loss of self worth
  • Retreat from the world
  • Pessimistic
  • Narrowing of one’s future
  • Feeling cut off from ones powers
  • A loss of desire and motivation
  • Life has no meaning or purpose

How Can I Help You

I will assist you to reconnect with your original self, your intrinsic values and the psychological needs that matter most to you.

I will encourage you to try new things and experiment with new thoughts and behaviours. By supporting you to take an active approach to your life, you will begin to express yourself creatively and regain your inner strength and personal genius.

"Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding."

Kahlil Gibran

Other Services


Direction is provided to support those strong feelings of worry, dread, and fear that create exhaustion and interference from living our everyday lives. We need to be reassured and have a responsible approach to change and our futures.

Relationship Repair

Treatment is provided to teach couples effective communication skills, that are based on respect and understanding of each other. So a renewed commitment and appreciation for one another can occur.

Grief and Loss

Guidance is provided to individuals to support and help them through the grieving process. Loss is experienced in many different ways, but transitioning through the stages of grief can be made easier, with the support of an empathetic and understanding counsellor.

Midlife Crisis

Support is focussed on individuals to help them discover their own intrinsic values, reclaim their originality and authentic nature, and start living life on their own terms again.

Stress Management

Direction is provided to help individuals cope and ease stress levels, while maintaining balance and perspective.

Self Esteem

Counselling is provided to support individuals who would like to develop a stronger sense of self. To grow in self awareness and be confident enough to be themselves.


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Separation Support

Counselling will be provided to support individuals through separation and divorce. Men and Women report a huge range of intense reactions and feelings during and after separation. I have walked this path myself and will be able to provide support, guidance and encouragement through this tough time.