Anxiety does not discriminate and happens to everybody. It can corrode our minds and impact our everyday lives. We live in such a chaotic, complex and disordered world that we become threatened by situations that are out of our control. Our thoughts become fixated on what may happen next and we stop living in the now.

How did we become so anxious?

Most commonly it’s a traumatic experience from our past, such as our childhood, that hasn’t been processed or reflected upon. We have been led to believe that mistakes do not happen and perfectionism is the norm. People are reluctant to talk about their anxieties for fear of embarrassment, shame and rejection. This, in turn, creates a sense of powerlessness within us and debilitates us from functioning in our everyday lives.

I will enable you to minimise your fears of losing control from shame, embarrassment and worries. But to help you stand defiant and not let anxiety cripple you, nor refuse to be manipulated by it.

What I will do

I will support you to identify and understand your triggers. Together we will create new strategies for dealing with past and present life stresses. You will gain a greater sense of confidence and perspective about your unique and wonderful life.

"Don’t worry, you don’t know enough to worry. Worry is a form of betting against yourself."

Terrence McKenna

Other Services


Guidance is offered to support that universal sense of feeling vulnerable in which we feel disempowered and at a loss to who we are, or what we’re here for.

Relationship Repair

Treatment is provided to teach couples effective communication skills, that are based on respect and understanding of each other. So a renewed commitment and appreciation for one another can occur.

Grief and Loss

Guidance is provided to individuals to support and help them through the grieving process. Loss is experienced in many different ways, but transitioning through the stages of grief can be made easier, with the support of an empathetic and understanding counsellor.

Midlife Crisis

Support is focussed on individuals to help them discover their own intrinsic values, reclaim their originality and authentic nature, and start living life on their own terms again.

Stress Management

Direction is provided to help individuals cope and ease stress levels, while maintaining balance and perspective.

Self Esteem

Counselling is provided to support individuals who would like to develop a stronger sense of self. To grow in self awareness and be confident enough to be themselves.


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Separation Support

Counselling will be provided to support individuals through separation and divorce. Men and Women report a huge range of intense reactions and feelings during and after separation. I have walked this path myself and will be able to provide support, guidance and encouragement through this tough time.