Discover Your Path, Your Life Is Worth Living Abridged Audio


Abridged audio book run time is 3HRS and 31MINS

If you feel you’ve lost direction in life, have strayed from your path in your career or relationship, or are not living a happy or fulfilled life, then Discover Your Path, Your Life is Worth Living is for you. It’s time to become accountable, responsible and take the appropriate action in your life to be the best that you can be. 

Luke Sheedy provides the tools, exercises and strategies to guide you, to push you, and give you encouragement and the confidence to bring purpose, meaning and freedom back into your life. Discover your true potential and start living your dreams awake. This is a manual for living the life you want. Take this epic journey of self-discovery where your new life awaits you. The time is now – your life is in your hands.

What readers have said about the book

“Confronting, motivating and inspiring. The exercises, tools and strategies are more difficult than I thought, requiring complete honesty. It hits home that my life is in my hands, and I’m not going to waste it!”  Read more...