A new workshop by Luke Sheedy

23rd May 2020 9AM - 5PM

Wyndham Windsor Hotel, Brisbane View Map

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This workshop is about returning back to your original self and reclaiming your uniqueness. This day is an opportunity to re-examine your life. It’s a celebration to reclaim what you’ve lost, and start to live on purpose, to a richer more meaningful life. It’s an occasion for redefining and reorienting your mission and escaping your safe zone. It’s not for the faint hearted, if you don’t want to have your illusions destroyed, this workshop won’t be for you.

It’s time to redefine yourself and live life on your own terms. It’s not about creating a happy life, but a meaningful one. That voice inside of you can no longer be ignored, it’s time to live the life that you’ve imagined.

Be warned this workshop won’t pull any punches as it’s not sprinkled with fairy dust, unicorns and magical rainbows. It will be raw and real like Luke Sheedy who presents the workshop. This day may open you up to the possibility that everything you’ve been told and know maybe wrong. It’s time to stop fearing your own greatness and step into much larger shoes.

... a celebration to reclaim what you’ve lost, and start to live on purpose, to a richer more meaningful life.

What listeners of Luke’s talks have said

  • When Luke starts talking, take a seat you just might unlearn something- Jamie Woods.
  • I learned a lot from you sir, amazing- Sumer Parkinson.
  • A natural teacher with the courage to speak in his own flavour- Janet Davies.
  • This guy shoots from the hip and doesn’t mince his words, wow- David Hughs.
  • Make a life empowering decision and go along and see Luke- Cherry Sparks.
  • You have helped me find something I thought I’d lost- Marie Copeland.

From the day you were born to the day you die this game called life, will interfere with your evolution and hinder your ability to reach a higher level of consciousness. If you allow it. The odds are against you, with so many people trying to smother you with their beliefs, ideas, superstitions and concepts. We lose our individuality, but gain a personality of a system that will suffocate and drown out your authenticity.

What will be covered throughout the day

  • Our lack of inner confidence and self-surety.
  • Our first seven years of our lives and the way we’re cared for play a
  • crucial role.
  • Understanding our past controls our future.
  • Why do we give our power away to a soulless society which has
  • unrealistic standards.
  • How we fall foul of the marketing giants and social media.
  • How to reject the collective expectations and seek your own path.
  • Learn how to embrace chaos as its biological useful to inspire change.
  • How to transcend your conflicting fears and grasp new possibilities.
  • Learn the truth about Depression, Antidepressants and Psychedelics.
  • How to improve your psychological flexibility to live a meaningful way.
  • How to navigate the midlife years, find an individual voice and real
  • meaning.
  • How to acknowledge your own mortality and make it work for you.
  • How to reconnect with your own inner child and play your own game.

For the past fifteen years, Luke Sheedy has been encouraging his clients in his private practice to be authentically themselves. By helping people to Learn to Unlearn all the untruths they’ve been immersed in since childhood, suffocating their originality and individuality, he helps them rediscover true freedom to enjoy their own lives.

Luke invokes in his clients what they already know but have forgotten, in coping with everyday demands of life. He is the go-to expert on well-being, inner fulfilment and spirituality. He regularly contributes to, and comments in the media on these topics.

Luke Sheedy is the author of Discover Your Path, Know Thyself and his latest book Learning to Unlearn….Choosing Individuality over Conformity. He is in hot demand with his private consultations and Learning to Unlearn workshops all across Australia.

Notes for Attendees

If you have special dietary needs please do no hesitate to inform me, so l can accommodate you personally.

If you are looking to book accommodation alongside the Learning to Unlearn workshop the Ramada Brisbane Windsor have special rates and package deals for the attendees of this workshop.