Luke Sheedy has changed the lives of thousands of people who are now living the life they only once dreamed of, and he can do the same for you.  Read some of the testimonials showing the real impact Luke has on people’s lives.


Andrew says

In recent times my life has been strongly influenced by coincidences that I just can’t explain, whilst some have come through adversities of past relationships and impending divorce, by far the most amazing has been meeting Luke. My consultation with Luke came by sheer coincidence when I walked past a desk at work and saw Luke’s book, coincidently (again) being read by a colleague. I opened the book… it was exactly what my life was looking for…the first thing I saw was the chapter title, “The past…stop going back there”, I randomly opened other pages and the significance of the content I read suddenly changed my life forever. I have seen Luke three times now, read his book twice and onto my third time, I have taken his amazing inspiration and wisdom to my approach to life.

People, including my ex-wife are seeing and have commented on the change in me that is slowly bringing inner peace, happiness and joy to my life. I am now using this energy and peace to affect others hopefully in the way it has me.

I am tackling my problems head on, enjoying my life and for the first time in 30 years I believe I am finding myself again. I have goals and dreams for the first time in my life, I have recently felt an excitement within myself that I lost a very long time ago. Incredibly and despite only three visits, I attribute this to Luke and his amazing book. I’m not an avid reader by any means yet can’t put it down.

If you are feeling like me, in an emotional hole with no real way or direction, see Luke, you WILL change, you WILL find that true self, believe me there is no better feeling. Don’t procrastinate… DO IT NOW!

Sarah says

When I look back over the changes I have made in my life over the past few months it is clear that the human potential and self-development session I had with Luke was the turning point. Before I went into that session I was paralysed with fear of making the wrong decisions. I was living totally in my head – completely disconnected to my body – living according to logic, doing the things I thought I “ought” to do, or things that would please others. Since that session I’ve been stepping forward confidently in life, making decisions easily using my heart or my subconscious, whatever you want to call it. I just “know” which is the right option because it feels right in my whole body. And that little voice of fear in head is getting quieter and quieter as my inner confidence grows. I had not met Luke before this consultation (he had been recommended) and I had never had a similar session before, so I was feeling a bit apprehensive about it, but he made me feel at ease straight away. I highly recommend Luke to anyone who needs that little shove to get back on the path to their true life purpose.


Lindsay says

Whether you're in the deepest hole, balancing confidence or figuring out ‘where to next in life's journey’, Luke Sheedy will bring you through as he channels the messages of the masters in his own modern style. Luke Sheedy is a connective force enabling clarity and linking you to your reason and personal journey.  It's impossible for energy to stagnate in his influence.


Lorrie says

Guide, catalyst, and change agent: Luke is a man to be admired. I have been impressed with his depth of insight, compassion and consistently positive and enthusiastic manner. His gentle humour facilities the acceptance of some hard but honest truths. His strategies help you to step away from the limiting patterns or beliefs you may have and he encourages you to SOAR: Stretch Out and Risk. Knowing Luke has changed my life for the better, and the accuracy of his uplifting messages has helped to guide my life’s journey and clarify my purpose. Luke is an excellent communicator. He combines a professional approach with empathy, integrity, and confidentiality. 


Alison says

At a very difficult time in my life when I was going through a separation and divorce, Luke helped me to get through this with courage and hope. He reminded me of my individual beauty, strength and purpose in life and helped me to face the future with a renewed passion that would not normally be associated with a woman whose family had just been destroyed. 

Luke gave me the tools to believe in myself and detach myself from the negativity of others, and for this I will always be grateful. I have experienced depression previously during stressful times in my life and I was very scared that going through the separation and then losing my children to a 50/50 share care arrangement would plunge me into depression again, but with Luke’s help, my self-esteem and self-beliefs not only remained undamaged, but flourished tenfold. I am more connected to my heart and spirit and am a much stronger person thanks to Luke. 


Kristen says

What a gift Luke is. He came into my life at exactly the right time. Through Luke's support, I am now living the life I've always dreamt of. His genuine, easy going and positive nature gives me a lift as soon as he opens the door to greet me. I was once a very anxious person with low self esteem and now I'm free. Luke gave me the kindness and encouragement I needed to turn my thinking around. I've never been more happy or confident! I'm so blessed to have found Luke, he will always remain in my heart as being a key person that supported me to turn my life around.


Craig says

I was referred to Luke Sheedy by a friend and arrived in a poor mental, emotional and physical state. Luke immediately struck me as the most positive person that I have met. Without sounding over the top I am not sure if it was his motivating words, multi-disciplinary and intuitive approach, or the whole combination, but after only three consultations, I am feeling so revitalised and am now looking forward to getting on with my life again. I would recommend Luke to anyone who needs a ‘kick start’ to get them on their life path


What readers have said about the book, Discover Your Path

Discover Your Path, Your Life is Worth Living“I haven't read many self development books before but the ones I have read tended to waffle on a bit. This is to the point and is motivating. I liked how you encourage the reader to improve all aspects of life - financial, diet, fitness, relationships and thoughts.  I am feeling really motivated after reading your book. It is an inspiring piece.”  

“Dip in to this book if you want to be inspired to live a life worth living. This book lives up to its claims. The questions posed in this book really do get you thinking. Some of the answers may be difficult to come to and even more so to accept. I will be going back to this book time and time again for inspiration and support to continue to live a life worth living.”

“Confronting, motivating and inspiring. The exercises, tools and strategies are more difficult than I thought, requiring complete honesty. It hits home that my life is in my hands, and I’m not going to waste it!”

“Discover Your Path is a fantastic 1st book from Luke Sheedy. You can tell it was written from deep within his life experiences, successes and mistakes to produce an aspirational guide to changing how you see the world, your path within it and making positive and successful changes. The book never feels like it lectures you. It asks questions, lifts and motivates the reader. I like how the Author has a question time in the middle of the book, rather than at the end. This keeps you on a track. The messages in the book never feel out of reach or all too hard to attain in this modern life.

"Discover Your Path covers more than one facet of motivation and success and does differentiate from other books at it targets the subconscious, conscious, mystical and reality of our daily lives. I immediately felt better after reading the first few chapters and applying this knowledge to my life. I will re-read and use this books message to create better outcomes for myself and those around me. I highly recommend this book and hope you get half as much out of it as I did. Excellent. I look forward to a follow up.”


"You too, can make positive changes to your life and live the life that you’ve always envisaged. Start to live your dreams awake!"