Luke is the go-to expert on health and well-being, inner fulfillment, happiness, self-development and motivation. He regularly contributes to, and comments in the media on these topics.

Some of his recent media contributions include:

Nature and Health - February/March 2015


The Daily Telegraph Sydney - 14 February 2015

How to live together and still feel the love

Body and Soul - 18 January 2015


Nature and Health - December 2014/January 2015


 Get It Magazine - September 2014 edition (Cover feature)



Nature & Health Magazine - August/September 2014 edition



Nature & Health Magazine - July/July 2014 edition



Brisbane Circle Magazine - June 2014



Brisbane Circle Magazine - May 2014



Each month, Luke regularly shares his wisdom and knowledge in the media, to encourage you to live the life you want.

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September 2014 - 5 easy ways to spring clean your life

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July 2014 - 5 ways to listen to your dreams and turn them into reality

May 2014 - 8 Reminders death provides about what's really important in life

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March 2014 - 4 Thoughts that will change your life


Body and Soul

18 January 2014 - 100 ways to be happy


My Well-being Magazine

January 2015 - Embracing what is

December 2014 - Overcoming fear of success

October 2014 - Become a creator

September 2014 - What gear are you driving in?


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January 2015 - Let go of being a somebody and be a nobody

December 2014 - Be inspired for an innovative new year


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October 2014 - Kick the bucket with your family 

Essential Kids

September 2014 - Why every family should have a bucket list

Open Colleges Blog

September 2014 - Create a bucket list to achieve your life's goals

Nature and Health

June 2014 - Reach out


Your Well-being Sorted!

September 2014 - Mind-body connection

Luke is also featured as a contributor sharing his knowledge on the mind-body connection in a newly released book. Your Well-being Sorted! is the ultimate guide for anyone looking to explore the many benefits of living a happy, healthy and drug-free life.